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Leadership participates in SGB election launch

RCL members, Thabang Phatse, Reatile Brodie and Mary-Ann Pretorius, attended the SGB election launch at Victory Primary school where the MEC of education, Hon. Viola Motsumi, was the keynote speaker. The MEC emphasized the need to build a strong relationship between the SGB, parents, teachers and RCL members. The MEC highlighted the need to have members in the SGB who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the school environment is safe and inclusive. Among the messages of support presented by; SADTU, SADU, PEU, SENASE, NASGB and NEHAWU, was Mary-Ann Pretorius. "This [collaboration] is a clear indication of a brighter future. A future with a stronger governing body of our education system. A future that embraces the RCL and includes our contributions in decision making."

Mary-Ann emphasized the need to collaborate as RCL and SGB, in an accountable, transparent and condusive manner in order to tackle the ills that learners today, currently face. "This launch is a clear indication that the department is taking us, as RCLs, seriously by acknowledging our voice to address the social ills in schools".

We are not only proud of how the RCLs represented our school, but also proud of the lasting impression they had left on all the stakeholders present.

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