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Welcome, you may find crucial details regarding school activities on this page. Regularly check this page
to stay informed and to get materials that can be useful for your children's education.

Quality Learning & Teaching Commitment

As a PARENT, I promise to:

  • involve myself actively in the activities of the school, including school governance structures;

  • have regular discussions with my children about general school matters;

  • cultivate a healthy, open and cooperative relationship with my children’s teachers;

  • create a home environment that is conducive to studying;

  • assist in the protection of educational resources such as textbooks, chairs, tables and other objects; and

  • to contribute, within my means, the necessary resources to the schooling of my children.

School Supply
Math Exercises


Click on the links provided below to access material and resources that may be
helpful to you in assisting your child with their education.

A Guide for Parents.


North West Education Department. 



Western Cape Education Portal.




Grade 12 NSC Past papers and memo.

Study tips for your child. 



Textbooks and Study guides for your child. 

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